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Student Health Insurance
Affordable Blue Cross Blue Shield PA Plans

College students have their share of worries, such as paying tuition fees, figuring out schedules, studying and etc. With all this to deal with, it's not surprising that health insurance isn't the main thing on students' minds. However the need for health insurance is hard to ignore, as those who go without it were less likely to complete college.

To purchase this insurance, you need to be an undergraduate under the age of 30 with a minimum of six or nine credit hours. The eligibility criteria may vary from one state to another. Graduate students are also covered as long as they qualify as full-time graduate students registered in a state-recognized college or university. The major benefit of this type of plan is that you are at liberty to choose any licensed doctor or hospital during a medical emergency.

The plan provides yearly protection throughout the U.S., with the premium to be paid on an annual or semiannual basis. Coverage under this health insurance plan becomes effective almost immediately. Generally, the maximum amount permissible per illness or injury is $100,000, and the lifetime insurance protection is $1 million. However, it is always prudent to check the maximum amount permitted for specific benefits as well.

But Don't I Already Have Coverage?

Students are normally provided with standard student medical insurance by the university or are still covered under their parents' plans, but many times, pre-existing conditions make it difficult for a student to get the appropriate coverage through college insurance, which may be "bare-bones" and not cover specific conditions. For instance, a student suffering from asthma may find that this condition is not covered by his or her school. In this situation, a student health insurance plan from a private healthcare provider is worth looking into.