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Dental insurance is insurance designed to pay a portion of the costs associated with dental care.

The most recent information from the National Association of Dental Plans estimates that nearly 57% of the population in the United States has dental coverage. And 97% of those who do have dental coverage have it through their employer or another group, most often as a policy separate from their health insurance plan.

The most common types of dental insurance plans are Preferred provider organizations (PPO) or dental health maintenance organizations (DHMO). Both types are considered managed care.

What are the factors you need to take into account while buying dental insurance?

Your dental insurance should give you optimum coverage even if that means paying a little extra. Remember the money you are spending is worth it. There are several aspects that you need to consider before buying dental insurance. They are as follows –

  • The plan should give you the liberty to choose your dentist
  • Your dentist and you should be allowed to take decisions about your treatment and not your dental plan.
  • Find out to what extent does your dental coverage pay for emergency, diagnostic and preventive expenses
  • In case of major dental care what percentage of the costs has to be borne by you?

It is always said that prevention is better than cure. So, make optimum utilization of your dental insurance coverage which will not only give you your money's worth but will also keep you in good health.

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